The mission of THE ARC GROUP is to provide EXCEPTIONAL, high integrity psychological services to our individual, family and business clients.

Our philosophy of change is that people— individuals, families and organizations—  are prone to repeating patterns that may result in recurrent difficulties. The underlying causes of these repetitive— sometimes destructive—patterns often lie outside the realm of conscious awareness. We have found that in order to achieve lasting change, it is essential to address both conscious and unconscious motivations for behavior. 

Many of our clients are dealing with challenges that we understand as stemming from difficulties with self-regulation. Problems with self-regulation can manifest in a variety of ways. For example, difficulties with self-regulation can appear in mood disorders, attention difficulties and interpersonal dysfunction, as well as substance misuse and other compulsive behaviors such as Internet addiction. 

While our work is grounded in psychodynamic theory that addresses patterns and motivations that are outside the realm of awareness, we also rely on evidence-based techniques such as mindfulness meditation when such techniques will help improve self-regulation and coping.

Our Work Serves Our Mission.