Have you been concerned about someone who is deteriorating? Do you think that alcohol or drugs might be contributing to changes in mood and behavior? Have attempts to get the person help met with resistance?

Intervention is a technique that evolved because many people with alcohol and drug problems have difficulty coming to terms with a need for professional help.

The good news is that most people are not in complete denial. When constructively approached by family or an employer, most people can be engaged in discussion about their options, including getting treatment. Families can be restored and careers preserved.

Dr. Warren has developed a unique, flexible and respectful approach to Interventions that brings to bear the wisdom of both family systems theory and psychodynamic theory.

Our approach is highly customized to meet the unique needs of each family or business.

We work with families and employers who are dealing with individuals who are impaired by mental illness and/or substance misuse. Based on an assessment of the dynamics of the individual, including dual diagnoses, and the family system or workplace, we develop an Intervention plan that is tailored to each case. With a goal of enduring systemic change, the process emphasizes learning about addiction– and most importantly, learning new ways of relating.

We have developed a highly effective, non-deceptive and non-confrontational model for addressing denial and helping individuals make informed decisions about treatment.

We also work within a harm reduction or drinking in moderation model for individuals who want to understand and/or alter their use of substances without committing to abstinence.

We refer to the best and most discreet treatment programs in the country, and assist in planning for re-entry into the workforce and family following treatment.

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