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What We Do

The ARC team is passionately committed to offering high caliber, high integrity services to adolescents and adults, families and their advisors and attorneys to facilitate successful navigation through complex transitions such as career reinvention, recovering from substance abuse, emerging adulthood, and coping with divorce. We also work at the delicate nexus of these various challenges to facilitate a successful path to a new way of living.

Our specialized concierge services also allows our team to flexibly spend time with our clients to thoughtfully design and deliver customized plans to meet our clients' unique needs.

Our sophisticated psychological assessment services are designed to identify the interplay of personality dynamics, mood, and cognitive functioning in diagnostically complex cases. We comprehensively screen for both psychiatric and neuropsychological symptoms in order to develop a thorough understanding of each unique individual in order to make personalized recommendations.

Our national referral network allows us to refer the residential and inpatient programs that will best fit your needs when such care is required.

Who We Are

Under the seasoned leadership of renowned, nationally-recognized psychologist Dr. Sarah Warren, our outstanding boutique practice brings to bear decades of wisdom and specialized expertise to help clients and their trusted advisors cope with the challenges and uncertainties of complex transitions.

Having served as a Testing Psychologist for the NFL Program for Substances of Abuse, Dr. Warren appreciates the needs of VIP and high profile clients. She has recruited a team of highly trained experts to deliver sophisticated assessment, care coordination, and referral treatment services.

Because we function as a team of experts in our concierge tier of services, we can offer closely coordinated care to different family members which enhances the quality and coordination of care.

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