Are you concerned about your use of alcohol or drugs, or other compulsive behavior? 

Are you worried about the drug or alcohol use of a loved one?

Are you concerned about the alcohol or drug use of an employee?  

We offer an array of sophisticated services related to alcohol, drugs and related compulsive behavior such as gambling and sex addiction.

As a psychologist who trained at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and University of Chicago, Dr. Warren brings to bear her expertise in complex, dual diagnosis cases; her expertise informs how she selects and trains her associates in this specialized concierge practice.


  • for self-referred individuals, including assessment of underlying or co-existing conditions such as ADD/ADHD and depression

  • for employers who are concerned about an impaired professional

  • for clients of attorneys on cases with psycho-legal questions involving alleged substance misuse and/or co-occurring psychiatric problems

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  • therapy to learn skills to support either abstinence or controlled drinking

  • treatment of underlying factors that motivate misuse of alcohol or drugs such as anxiety, depression, trauma or ADD/ADHD

Recovery Coaching and Recovery/Divorce Coaching

Recovery coaching can serve as a supplement and complement to other services designed to support someone in early recovery. Recovery coaching is not treatment or psychotherapy but serves as a more practical, problem-solving resource for people who are in recovery.

Recovery coaching can be especially useful when a client is in therapy with a clinician who is not an addictions expert.

Recovery/divorce coaching is a highly specialized service that can help support clients who are undergoing divorce in maintaining control over their use of substances during the stress of divorce and/or custody proceedings. This service is unique to our boutique practice and draws on our extensive expertise in both the divorce and additions fields. We understand the specific difficulties posed both by recovery and by divorce, and have developed this one-of-a-kind service to address those particular challenges.


Intervention for families and employers who are concerned about someone’s use of substances, compulsive behavior and/or mental health problems:

  • gambling

  • sex addiction

  • Internet addiction

  • drugs

  • alcohol

  • bipolar disorder

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