Are you wanting relief from the distress of stress, anxiety or depression?

Are you wanting to explore your relationship to alcohol and drugs? 

Are you coping with stress of a major life change such as a career crisis or divorce? 

We offer Counseling & Therapy for: 

  • Individuals: Adolescents, College Students & Young Adults, Adults

  • Couples & Families

  • Individuals & Families who are in the process of divorce

  • Expats & Their Families

We specialize in the treatment of:

  • Alcohol and drug problems (including abstinence and controlled use approaches)

  • Sex addiction

  • Divorce, including high conflict divorces (including divorce support, career transitions, forensic evaluations, and family reunification)

  • Internet addiction

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • ADHD/ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Stress

  • Expat challenges

We integrate psychodynamic and family systems approaches as well as techniques such as mindfulness meditation for stress management. We draw on decades of experience at some of the best hospitals, such as Northwestern Memorial and Rush University Medical Center, to treat the full range of psychological conditions. Our team includes seasoned and wise psychotherapists who bring to bear breadth and of clinical experience.

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