We have developed a unique service that supports people in divorce who have struggled with substance use: Recovery/Divorce coaching. This service complements therapeutic services that address substances.

Recovery/Divorce coaching was developed by Dr. Warren as an outgrowth of her extensive expertise in both the divorce and addictions fields, designed to address the specific challenges of clients who are vulnerable to substance misuse while embarking on divorce.

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a person can undergo. Separation and divorce– even when relatively amicable– can be confusing and overwhelming. It can be challenging for the adults, and the children.

Divorce can strain your coping capacities, sometimes contributing to behavior such as drinking to excess in an effort to cope.

Divorce proceedings can contribute to depression and and feelings of anxiety.

The divorce process can raise questions such as “How do we talk to our children about the divorce?”and “How do I help my child cope with this loss?”

For women who’ve been out of the paid workforce, there can be questions such as “Who would want to hire me?”

It may not seem possible now, but divorce can afford opportunities to reinvent yourself.

Divorce can also provide a reason to learn about your patterns in relationships– insights that can help you break destructive patterns and serve you and your family well as you move forward.

We work with the top family law firms such as Schiller Ducanto and Berger Schatz in Chicago to support their clients who are undergoing divorce and custody proceedings.

As divorce coaches,  psychotherapists, career transition coaches, and assessment experts, our divorce team works collaboratively to help men and women, and parents as well as children effectively cope with the major transition of divorce– and even thrive.

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