Are you facing the stress and uncertainty of divorce? Are you re-entering the paid workforce because of a divorce?

Are you concerned about over-drinking in the midst of a divorce?

Divorce Transition Program

ARC’s comprehensive divorce services support you and your family through the stressful, sometimes overwhelming process of divorce.

We provide therapy and counseling for:

             divorcing individuals

             ex-spouses who want to effectively co-parent

             adolescents whose parents are divorcing

             couples exploring the possibility of divorce

We provide coaching for:

            women returning to the paid workforce          

            individuals who want to manage their use of substances during the stress of divorce

Because we are a team, we can offer help to your whole family — for example, one therapist might work with you as parents while a different therapist works with your children.

Or you might receive therapy from one team member to alleviate the distress of divorce while working concurrently with one of our coaches on re-entering the paid workforce. 

A note about coaching vs. therapy

Therapy is designed to relieve clinical symptoms such as anxiety and depression, and to help people understand their behavior patterns. By contrast, coaching is not a form of clinical treatment but is a method of helping set and attain goals such as finding a new career or effectively managing the stress of divorce. We can help you determine whether coaching or therapy is best suited to you.

Are you a family law attorney? Our wrap-around services include court-ordered mental health and substance abuse evaluations in the context of family law cases.

Our assessment services include:

   Court-ordered 215(a) evaluations for mental health and substance abuse evaluations in the context of family law cases

   “Pre-screening consultative assessments for attorneys who want to determine whether a client may have a mental health or substance abuse that might impact their case

If you have been ordered to have an evaluation, please have your attorney contact us: (312) 595-1691.

If you are an attorney, please feel free to learn more about our forensic services here.

To inquire about our programs, please call (312) 595-1691.