Are you an attorney in a family law practice who is concerned that a client may need substance abuse or psychiatric treatment in order to fulfill their parental responsibilities or in order to weather the divorce proceedings? 

Are you a financial advisor to a high net worth family that is concerned about a family member’s judgment?

Is one of the executives in your family business displaying impaired judgment? Are you concerned that there may be a substance or psychiatric problem that might jeopardize your business?

Our team helps advisors and attorneys identify, communicate with and support their clients who may be struggling with psychiatric or substance abuse problems.

Our concierge consultative services include:

  • Training on identification of clients or employees with behavioral health problems
  • Family & Executive Interventions
  • Mental health or substance abuse evaluation of employees or clients
  • Discreet referral resources to carefully vetted nationally renowned treatment facilities
  • Ongoing case management after intensive rehab

High net worth families and family businesses face a particular set of challenges about how to most effectively support an impaired family member in functioning at their highest possible level. We help family businesses and high net worth families develop strategies and principles that guide them in moving toward improved functioning.

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