Are you wanting more ready access to your therapist or coach?

Are you wanting a higher level of coordination of services?

Are you wanting extra discreet care?

Dr. Warren is pleased to offer the option of a "high touch" concierge level of care for certain services, such as:

•   Care for clients who are divorcing

•   Consultation and case management for complex cases

Not all services are currently provided on a concierge basis. Feel free to inquire about concierge availability for the services you are seeking.

At present, Dr. Warren is the only provider in the practice who is providing concierge level services on a pay-in-advance fee basis.

All counseling and coaching services provided by other team members are offered on a pay-as-you-go, fee for service basis.

Call (312) 595-1691 to inquire about whether you might benefit from concierge level services.