Are you wanting support during your divorce to help manage stress without drinking to excess?

Do want to increase your focus and productivity and avoid procrastination at work?

Are you seeking a new career that provides greater purpose and meaning?

Do you want to enhance your leadership competencies? 

We have been helping professionals cultivate their leadership, and reinvent themselves and their careers for over a 15 years.

Using our expertise in behavior change, motivation and transformation, since 2000 we have been offering customized psychologically-oriented coaching services to help people achieve and sustain their goals. 

One of the strengths of our psychologically-oriented coaching approach is that we help people figure out how to address the human tendency to get in our own way and to not follow through on good intentions. We help you work with yourself to get where you want to go.

Our coaching services have helped bright, successful people with the following challenges:

   Re-entering the paid workforce to create a “second act”

   Maintaining sobriety and wellness in the course of divorce

   Coping with ADD to maintain productivity, avoid procrastination and manage time effectively

   Finding a new career that affords greater purpose and meaning

    Leadership development for executives and senior professionals

Telecoaching allows clients who live outside of the Chicago area or who travel extensively to avail themselves of our coaching services.

Assessment is offered on occasion when data about aptitudes, problem-solving, or leadership style may facilitate the development of a coaching plan.

Coaching is not therapy. While therapy is designed to alleviate symptoms and help people break self-destructive patterns, coaching is designed to support people attain non-clinical goals— for example, finding a new career or managing time better. In our coaching practice, we apply our deep knowledge of human behavior to your practical goals.

We have found that in general coaching requires a minimum three month commitment. As is customary in the coaching field, coaching is pre-paid on a monthly basis. 

To inquire about our services please call (312) 595-1691.