Are you an elite athlete needing to prepare for life beyond your athletic career?

Do you lead an athletic organization where you want to help your athletes make mature, responsible decisions— on and off the field— throughout the arc of their career?

Bridges for Athletes Program

The mission of the Assessment Referral Coaching Group (ARC) is to support both collegiate and professional athletes in developing sound decision-making skills that allow them to be successful–between the line and outside the lines–throughout the arc of their careers and beyond, and to support the organizational performance of athletic departments and teams.

ARC’s high caliber multidisciplinary model enhances team functioning in order to support the performance of the athletes served by the organization.

  • Training and Consulting for Athletic Departments, Professional Teams and Coaching Staffs
    • Team Development to improve communication, conflict resolution, change management & staff cohesion 
    • Program Evaluation to scientifically measure efficacy of programs that support player development
    • Critical Meeting & Retreat Facilitation
    • Critical Incident Debriefing
    • Training-the-Trainers, including diversity enhancement & identifying players who are at risk  
    •  Staff Wellness & Resilience Enhancement to ensure that staff model resilience for athletes using innovative movement methods to promote resiliency
    • Prevention Training: Sexual violence, domestic violence, bullying, substance abuse

Check out this video demonstrating our unique movement methods that engage promote self-knowledge and resilience. 

ARC’s outstanding multidisciplinary team of experts offers support for athletes:

  • Assessment of current players and recruits
    • ADHD (disproportionately high among collegiate athletes)
    • Substance Abuse
    • Trauma/PTSD (disproportionately high among pro football players)
    • Anxiety and depression which can impact focus
    • Violence Risk Assessment
  • In-depth psychological assessment for the high potential player, including the “at risk” player or the player with disciplinary issues. On site one-day clinical assessment by a licensed clinician that includes a detailed analysis and recommendations.
  • Outside the Lines™, New Playbook™ and Bridges™ Coaching Services using innovative movement-based techniques that augment and support the school’s or Team’s existing services (“virtual” one-on-one coaching and intensive boot camps).
    • Decision Making (including social relationships, finances, balancing academics and athletics)
    • Stress Tolerance and Resilience
    • Psychologically Oriented Career Preparation and Transitioning

To inquire about our programs, please call (312) 595-1691.