Are you an employer or family member who wants to get help for someone with a substance abuse problem? 

Are you wanting to change your use of substance but reluctant to commit to abstinence?

Have you been through multiple rehabs and want to try a new approach?

The Alcohol and Drug Transitions Program

Our approach to working with alcohol and drug problems, as well as other impulse control behaviors such as sex addiction, reflects a nonjudgmental belief that we all have a relationship to substances, and that our relationship to substances is fluid over time.

We believe that insight into underlying dynamics and repetitive patterns—along with techniques such meditation and breathing exercises— can help people alter their relationship to substances. 

We also believe that people misuse substances for a reason, and that understanding those reasons is helpful when people want to change their behavior. Those reasons may have to do with trauma, a co-occurring mental health condition such as bipolar disorder or anxiety, or other factors.

We believe that there is no one-size fits all approach to working with problems of substance misuse.

We carefully assess each case and custom-design an approach that we believe will be most effective for each client.

While we have found that many people can benefit from total long-term abstinence, we have also found that not all individuals must abstain from substances. When appropriate, we work with individuals to systematically determine whether or not you can be successful in moderating their use of substances. 

Our team approach allows us to assign separate therapists within the team to work with individuals, couples, parents, and families as well as adolescents and young adults to deliver carefully coordinated services.

In our Alcohol and Drug Transitions Program, we offer:

•   Psychotherapy for adolescents, emerging adults and adults wishing to explore your relationship to substances and/or other impulse control behavior such as sex addiction

•   Interventions for Families and Employers who wish to address the misuse of substances. Click here to learn more about our innovative, customized model for Interventions

•   Couples Counseling for couples wishing to address the role of substances inyour relationship

•   Parenting Consultation for parents of teens and adults who are off track because of substances and/or co-occurring mental health problems such as bipolar disorder and ADD

•   Drinking in Moderation for individuals who wish to explore whether the growing body of “harm reduction” methods can work for you to moderate use of substances

To inquire about our programs, please call (312) 595-1691.